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Broken F Bodywork LLC Performance Ambassadors

Performance clients looking to expand your sponsorship portfolio in exchange for discounted bodywork to keep your athletes working and feeling their best, our ambassador program is for you!


Maintain a Routine Regimen for Sponsored Horses

- Adhere to the personalized regimen created for the equine athletes partnering with you in your sponsorship.

Social Media Support

- Tag Broken F Bodywork LLC in all social media posts involving events, shows, and bodywork sessions that actively represent the company, as well as any posts containing company sponsored apparel.

- Repost marketing efforts from company pages to your personal page.

- Allow Broken F Bodywork LLC to repost any personal posts used to represent the company.

Wear Company Apparel at Events

- Be sure that your company patch or shirt is on and visible at events and shows! (Not required for all events)

Apply Here

Please complete the form to apply for an ambassador position.

Thanks for submitting!

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